Divine Protectors: In Depth Study of the Last Four Suras

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About This Class

Have you ever struggled to focus on Salah? Have you ever wondered how can you enjoy communicating with Allah in Salah? Have you ever tasted the sweetness of the words of Allah? When was the last time that your recitation of listening to the Qur’an brought tears to your eyes? 

In this month-long 8-session course, we will have an in-depth analysis of the profound meaning, the embedded message within every single word of the last four suras of the Qur’an. We will not only study the reasons behind their revelation, but also the secrets behind the choice of one word over the other. Basically, you will attain the first and most important ingredient in your recipe to the be among the inheritors of the highest rank in Jannah, namely Al-Firdaws. This ingredient is called “khusu’” (focus and concentration).

Moreover, we will learn how to protect ourselves from Shaytan not only among jinn but also among mankind. We will learn how to protect ourselves from black magic and the evil eye. We will learn a surah that will lead us to the love of Allah. We will learn about the only surah where Allah attacks a person by name.

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Our video lectures deliver expert knowledge that you can use today. Dr. Reda Bedeir will motivate, inspire, make you laugh and cry in the same lecture.